Yoni Eggs Set - Black Obsidian

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Yoni Eggs - Rich Jade (Set 3)

Step into an enhanced spiritual purification through the power of Rich jade. Adding Jade to your yoni egg practice will cleanse your mind, body and spirit. This purification clears a path for raw, newfound energies to flow through your divine self.

As your jade egg practice opens up a new sensual realm, you will enter into a meditative state of compassion and empathy, connecting mind, body and spirit. Harness the power of Green Jadeite and set the intention to enter into a higher dimension of consciousness as you ignite your third eye chakra.

Featured Benefits: 

  • Kegel enhancement
  • Heighten orgasmic sensations
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles
  • Awaken feminine energy

    Product details: 

    Certified Green Jadeite

    MOHS Rating: 6.5

    Origin: Guatemala

    Shipping Weight: 0.34 pounds

    Diameter in Inches: 30, 40, 50 mm

    Unit: set of 3

    Made Of: Rose Quartz

    How to use: 

    Yoni eggs are intended for internal use inside the vagina to enhance kegel exercises by acting as a vaginal weight and creating resistance.

    Insert the yoni egg into the vagina with the larger end upward, begin using your vaginal muscles to grip and hug the yoni egg while you perform kegel exercises.

    Yoni eggs can also be used for meditative and spiritual practices.